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Dear Black People,

I love you. The Black Utopia loves you. It is known.

2020 came in swinging and we took many blows. With every hit came lessons, then durability, resilience, and power like we never and yet, always knew. It was as if we had been living in a montage where the main character starts off scrappy, and through each time-lapse, we witness transformative growth. By the end of the scene, the person we were introduced to is unrecognizable. It becomes clear that the underdog, for whom we had been rooting, suddenly is equipped to handle any and every battle they’ll face. Except this is no movie, we are the main characters, and life is far less glamorous. But, that is how we have always evolved – quick, unrelenting, and unapologetically heroic.

Heavy lifting is in the blood of us; this is nothing new. Loss, sickness, violence, displacement, community, and the beautiful chaos that so vividly depicts life, are all too familiar to Black people. The triggering, clickbait headlines don’t live here. We know what’s happened, what’s happening, who’s to blame; and, we’re tired of the continual bullshit of it all.

So, fuck whoever is not on our side. We are unified through experience, and whoever is in our way will feel our wrath... or...our extreme joy. Those dead ends that needed a long overdue trim, have been cut off.

This zine is a product of all that. Exclusively Black. Art. Questions answered by top tier professionals. Ad placements from Black owned brands. All Black EVERYTHING! Period. Handled with care.

I hope our community is proud of us. I’m damn sure proud of y’all. Thank you and enjoy.